Here are some tips on how to make the most out of Cal & Lorie
  • What do I include in the text?

    To get the most accurate calorie count, include the brand name and quantity of food you consumed. If you don't know the amount we'll try to estimate based on the picture or the common serving size for the type of food. If you forget to include the brand and we can't tell, we'll just ask you.

  • Should I format the message in a particular way?

    It's not necessary, but it helps if you follow this format: [quantity] [unit] [brand/store/restaurant] [food name]. For example: 2 slices Rudy's Multigrain Oat bread. However, we'll take anything you send us and format it in a nice looking log.

  • How do you log home cooked meals?

    If you send us a picture of the food we will try to determine ingredients and portion size then look up the individual calories and log it. If you specify the raw ingredients and quantities we will use those and get a more accurate log.

  • How do I connect with Fitbit?

    Open the Cal & Lorie app, tap on the menu button at the top left corner and select Integrations. Tap on the "Connect Now" button below the Fitbit image. That will open the Fitbit page and ask you to login to your Fitbit account. Once you login you'll see a button that says "Open in Cal & Lorie app. Tap Yes and we'll connect to your Fitbit account."

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